Time Spotter

Several words about...

One day, looking for a title for my new weekly planner I came across this one: "Time spotter". The next step was to start blogging under this title. I am very fascinated with different time points in my own life that clash against some macro events in the past and the present. Times look like fancy russian doll, where the smallest doll is hidden in many bigger ones, but without it the doll can't be the whole. Probably I am not the first and only person to scrutinize this but I use my right to have a word.
For many years I was doing photography professionally, then as a hobby.

With appearance of digital technics my passion become even more promising.

I like to combine photographs and artistic processing of the image. This approach often helps to emphasize some details while hiding some others. The main advantage of this method is a freedom not always available in traditional photography where an author is procrastinated in between reality of pictures and a boldness of their detailed elaboration. The better the resolution, the greater the number of un-needed noise: rubbish on pavements, stains on monuments, even blemishes on the sun...

Retouching can save a portrait, but it is counter-indicative in many photographic genres. Photography was invited in this world as an instrument of depicting a reality, often rough, rather than making a substitute for artistic painting. Fortunately in the digital era one can walk on the line between a Scylla of momentary realism and a Charybdis of reality embellishment, to reveal own vision of familiar life. The obtained work is combining best features of both: photography and paintings.

Enjoy my book!